Grigor Eftimov

Grigor Eftimov created this “Rubix Cube” painting in 2011. It’s so painful to look at, you can almost feel it.


With so many music blogs and reviews out there, it can be a little overwhelming of where to begin. Sometimes you need to be reminded. So in case you missed it, here’s some personal favorites this winter on musicisart.



Oddisee has produced, collaborated, and released more than a handful of albums. His repertoire includes the likes of  Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus, J Cole, and many others. However on his own personal work, there is an addictive element that showcases how emotionally reflective, and challenging the journey of life can be.



North Carolina-based poet, musician, and producer L’Orange constructs brilliant samples of film noir and old school beats straight from the vinyl to create a vintage sound and jazzy feel within his musical projects.



Regan ‘Ta-Ku‘ Matthews is a self-taught mastermind that has only been learning how to produce for the last few years, but is able to rework soulful beats and create them into beautiful downtempo elements.



From London, MARIBOU STATE creates electro-jazz house music full of hypnotic and addictive beats.



Jamie XX, the producer behind popular indie duo The XX, has officially shared the downtempo ‘Sleep Sound’.



There’s an elegance to SOHN’s production that is hard to come by. Not only does he mastermind the ability to rebuild a song’s structure, but he simply adds in his style of synths that warmly wraps around his sounds, and turns them into his own. SOHN’s debut album ‘Tremors’ is out April 7th.



With help on his new EP Somebody’s Party from fellow collaborators with production from SOHN, and featured vocals by Tinashe, it becomes evident that not only is Erik Hassle’s music made with a distinction of class but also a pure satisfaction of quality.



London producer and songstress Shura shares her solo debut single Touch amidst gentle hip-hop beats, sweet pop melodies and electronic synths.



Sydney trio MOVEMENT create soul moving electronic music blended with lush textures and psychedelic grooves. Thei upcoming self-titled debut EP will be released April 25th via Modular Records.



From Los Angeles, MADE IN HEIGHTS is the brilliant “Artisanal Fantasie Trap” collaboration of producer Sabzi, and sensual female vocalist Kelsey Bulkin.



Mura Masa is the young mind of 17 year old “beat slayer, heart breaker” Alex Crossan.



Showcasing a mixture of warm and ambient-like sounds, Lapsley blends her soft vocals to the beat of a brilliant downtempo backdrop with hints of electro-pop scattered delicately throughout.



From Seattle, ODESZA is electronic production duo Harrison Mills (Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches). Less than two years ago the two met as college seniors at Western Washington University, and quickly began to merge their unique styles.



British electronic producer Kieran Hebden a.k.a. Four Tet shared 15 unreleased experimental tracks in December as a thank you to all of his fans. A favorite from the set is the reworking of Grimes song “Skin,” properly renamed as “Human Once Again.”



Dauwd provides deep Chicago-style house music full of sensual beats and lush transitions.



Everything 25 year old British-Japanese Producer/DJ Maya Jane Coles releases has a sultry and hypnotic feel to her music. One of the highlights from her debut full length album Comfort includes the hauntingly seductive ”Everything” featuring the Swedish dark vocals of Karin Park.



From Zurich, Nora En Pure entrances with Daniela Niederer‘s lush vocals and sensual house sounds.


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