music was the lamb that made a lion out of me
recognizing, realizing, recognize between the lines
of what you feel and what you be
you can be so lost and so found
deep inside of me
swallow me

over 10 years ago playing at toronto open mics, esthero went to prove she had more to give than just a lil trip hip soul. in 1998, she released the wonderful album breath from another which gave the single *heaven sent* a run in the music world. everyone respected esthero for the creativity and mature honesty she gave on her debut as she simply left a beguiling impression.

patient fans carefully relied on the ways we were once introduced to a sensual strum of guitars, latin estranged violins and hip hop soulful trance over 7 years ago. for many, her debut was considered an essential trip hop record. in 2005, esthero released her 2nd album, we r in need of a musical revolution, giving us a whole new understanding of just how far she could musically go. most will tell you, the best way to feel her sound is live with a full band, horns, percussion and her artistic theatrical approach to performing proving that she is a goddess of another world.

~*~ listen to: swallow me, superheroes

if you enjoy esthero, you will like::

si*se is known to be found performing live on rooftops across the manhattan skylines. the voice of singer, songwriter, and phenomenal DJ carol c simply hypnotizes her audience creating a bilingual contemporary flow of relaxing chilled electronica beats fused within ambient drum n’ bass, breezy lyrics and a touch of jazz for a fantastic result. their self-titled debut shares a unique taste of the beauty found in latin music while their 2005 follow up more shine gives a smoother produced continuation. as yr simply cooling down after a long hard summer’s day, dream and relax yrself away to the sounds of si*se.

~*~ listen to: my sol, more shine

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One Response

  1. Duke of Straw

    i love esthero and agree that si*se is a good match. Your taste continues to impress me.

    i was planning on doing an esthero post in the near future. i’ll make sure to put up different songs.

    keep up the good work.
    The Duke