“Paul Laffoley, a painter and architect, is one of the most encyclopedic of visionary geniuses.” – Alex Grey

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I must say that I am just now expanding my mind enough to fathom the power that a man like Paul Laffoley truly has in his painting and architecture. Laffoley, now 65 years old, is a man that isn’t easily summarized with words. The first word that he spoke as a child was “constantinople” when he was six months old. Most recently he was hired on to redesign the World Trade Center site, but was fired because of his unconventional ideas.

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Another fact that totally enthralls my interest is the piece of metal that was discovered in his head near his pineal gland in 1992 during a CT scan. Laffoley believes that the metal is an implant and extraterrestrial in origin. He also believes that its the main motivation behind his ideas and theories.

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I implore you all to expand into the world of Paul Laffoley

hyperspace cartographer,
visionary painter
and time traveler.

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