a few months ago, while enjoying a wonderful sunny day and listening to kexp, this lovely version of *dramamine* appeared by sunkilmoon.

although, i have never truly given in to mark kozelek’s red house painters and other cover projects, sun kil moon’s tiny cities brings me back to the reasons of why I love modestmouse.

strictly full of isaac brock’s experimental harmonies, this cover album shares an earthy haunting richness that highlights the music’s underlining fragility.

i believe it is one of the most difficult tests to take over songs and make them yr own, it doesn’t happen very often and shouldn’t.

*tiny cities* is not groundbreaking, but doesn’t have to be. this is no rendition, just simply a tribute made by real fans inspired from the magic of music and giving back to what they’ve already received.
[…yr killing the better part of me…]
i said what i said and you know what i mean
i can’t keep focused on anything

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