There is a gift, less rare than is supposed, of wiping the slate clean of memories, and beginning all over again: a certain virginity of soul that makes each new kiss the first kiss, each new love the only love. This gift was Vernon’s, and he had cultivated it so earnestly, so delicately, that except in certain moods when he lost his temper, and with it his control of his impulses, he was able to bring even to a conservatory flirtation something of the fresh emotion of a schoolboy in love. (E. Nesbit, The Incomplete Amorist)Ah ! si ce suc précieux n’était pas nécessaire à l’homme, la nature nous l’eût-elle donné ? Y a-t-il une seule plante sur la terre qui nous soit inutile, une seule dont elle ne nous accorde la permission d’user à notre gré ? Employons-les donc toutes sans choix aux besoins que cette même nature nous inspire ; que les unes nous substantent et corroborent nos forces ; que celles-ci nous dégagent des humeurs dont la trop grande abondance nuirait à notre santé ; que celle-là nous délivrent des individus qui nous sont à charge ; tout cela est à sa place, tout cela est dans l’ordre. La nature l’offre et le prescrit à la fois ; il n’y a que les sots qui, ne voulant pas l’entendre, ou la repoussent ou l’interprètent mal. (Marquis de Sade, La nouvelle Justine)

Gotan ProjectVuelvo Al Sur
(La Revancha Del Tango, 2001)

Thievery CorporationLe Monde
(The Mirror Conspiracy, 2000)

DJ KrushSong 1
(Zen, 2001)

Nightmares On WaxLes Nuits
(On The Beach, 2003)

Labradfordby Chris Johnston, Craig Markva, Jamie Evans,
(E luxo so, 1999)

DelaneySur La Place Lili Boulanger
(Delaney, 2004)

(Empress, 1999)

Note: A night list, slightly imperfect (different Delaney track than I originally find). It is made in the best of MdM fashion of mix genre downtempo. enjoy.

Image: Fernando

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2 Responses

  1. music is art

    i love that picture and nesbit’s quote, squashie… its beautiful… ready to dive into these wonderful sounds now ;)

  2. Anonymous

    lol. well the text suppose to be continuous in two language. juxtaposed. It has more effect that way. And the list is an odd elongated one.

    the effect I am looking for is actually quite perverse. :D but not so obvious. I am testinig some idea for that big list.


    remember when you said you wre in cough drop haze? well this was originally titled “Cough drop haze” meant to be listen while coughin miserably and nose/ear all stuffed up.