things we lost in the fire” is one of those movies that may have been missed last year. deep inside the story shows how benicio del toro and halle berry share a connection of losing their best friend which brings them together during the most vulnerable states. slowly moving throughout the reality of death, struggle of withdrawl and the meaning of learning the best way to cope, each give off a genuine feeling and maintain a sense of balance to survive. full of enormous depth and intricate small details, the performances play out on screen like hidden masterpieces showcasing beautiful visual imagery, side stories and a mirrored dialogue of the important phrase “accept the good” to intensify the understanding of what should always be remembered.

while watching the cinematography, it seemed impossible not to wish that the soundtrack included tracks from low’s 2001 same-titled album “things we lost in the fire.”completely fitting for the highs and lows throughout some of the most powerful scenes, this minnesota duo’s softness of strings combined with careful pauses and soars of dark slowcore vocals naturally turn minimalistic musical sadness into warm levels of wisdom. (l i s t e n :: like a forest :: july)

“hope comes with letting go”

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3 Responses

  1. mjrc

    i never thanked you for the song “like a forest.” it has become one of my favorites. low is incredible. :)

  2. Leslie Mills

    I saw the movie, bought it and have looked all over for the discontinued soundtrack, which was discontinued for some strange reason in October 2007. It was one of the most beautiful soundtracks I have ever heard, and I can’t find anyone who knows how to find a copy. I have even emailed the Lakeshore Records to find out why they discontinued it so quickly and if they intend to re-release it. If anyone knows how to find a copy of the movie soundtrack, I would love to know!