Hope Sandoval has been creating psychedelic dream pop since the release of Mazzy Star‘s debut album She Hangs Brightly.  From their sophomore release So Tonight That I Might See, the sensuous single “Fade Into You” defined their hypnotic sound and California style.  Over the decade, Hope Sandoval became a favorite of the 90s and her soft vocal qualities have been heard with collaborating influential artists such as The Chemical Brothers, Air, Massive Attack, and The Jesus & Mary Chain.

In 2001, she formed Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions, and released the debut Bavarian Fruit Bread.  Now Hope Sandoval returns eight years later, reinforcing her brilliance along side drummer Colm O’Ciosoig of My Bloody Valentine, and sharing her long awaited sophomore album Through The Devil Softly on September 15, 2009 through Nettwerk Records.  According to a recent interview with Hope in Rolling Stone, the fourth album of Mazzy Star has been 13 years of a special work in progress, and eventually will see the much needed light someday soon.

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  1. musicisart

    hmmm… well now that I’ve researched it more, I’ve read that he’s not just a boyfriend, that they got married. would love if someone could confirm this, please?

  2. tripbrother

    if i am not mistaken was she not also in the band opal? again if my memory serves correctly opal toured w/ the jesus and mary chain in 87/88 on their darklands tour.

  3. narconon

    What a beautiful woman-physically and artistically-She has a beautiful voice, touching lyrics and powerful messages. Her music got me through many tough times in my life including many stints in drug rehab
    . Thank you for speaking the truth and bringing the people HOPE.