the experimental nyc based animal collective are not for everyone and that’s quite alright with them.  full of obscure melodies, the lyrics are simply pushed aside while an inaccessible structure of their actual music expands. inspired by sounds of a jungle, foreign countries and city streets — handclaps, pots and pans, shouting, howls, cat calls turn their work into an evocative experience.  each song is handcrafted into a beautiful mess, as for some of the most psychedelic and brilliant sounds are constructed to lose your mind to. 


just a few things are related to the old times
when we did believe in magic
and we didn’t die

peacebone [strawberry jam 2007]
leaf house [sung tongs 2004]

panda bear a.k.a. noah lennox is the drummer of animal collective and has been enjoying to share a different shade of grey in his very own personal side project.  while noah’s musical past seems vast and full of idealistic turns, a new level of sincere, strange quietness protrudes like a contemplated delicate memory on panda bear’s albums.  within gentle dreams of peaceful skies, the vocals relax themselves behind a feeling of vintage comfort and coordinatingly swirl inbetween epic colors of a distant sunset.

l i s t e n

comfy in nautica
[person pitch 2006]

artwork by anthony pontius

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