‘Crying Men’ is a collection of photographic portraits of famous film actors by London’s Sam Taylor-Wood sharing the true emotion and vulnerability of what it looks like when men cry.  Music is Art posted a few photos of this series back when it started in 2006 but over the years, this beautiful project has grown and developed into an artistic event. Many may create their own interpretations from these pictures but the most important quality that can be taken from the overall reaction, is how important it is to feel.

Sam Taylor-Wood explains, “Some of the men cried before I even finished loading the camera, but others found it really difficult. People can decide for themselves which they think are the authentic tears and which they think are fake. It’s about the idea of taking these big, masculine men and showing a different side.”

listen: teardrop (mad professor remix) by massive attack

Benicio del Toro

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Willem Dafoe

Robert Downey Jr.

Daniel Craig

Dustin Hoffman

Ed Harris

Forest Whitaker

Gabriel Byrne

Hayden Christiansen

John Leguizamo

Jude Law

Kris Kristofferson

Laurence Fishburne

Michael Madsen

Paul Newman

Michael Pitt

Robin Williams

Tim Roth

Ryan Gosling

Sam Shepard

Sean Penn

Steve Buscemi

Ben Stiller

Woody Harrelson

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