The Covers of Nirvana Mixtape


Remembering twenty years ago, the legacy of Kurt Cobain lives on.


Something in the Way by Tricky
Heart Shaped Box by Sofia
Drain You by Straylight Run
About a Girl by Cibo Matto
On a Plain by Rogue Wave
In Bloom by Hooverphonic
All Apologies by Ben Gibbard
Come As You Are by Glasvegas
Lithium by the Polyphonic Spree
Pennyroyal Tea by Kristin Hersh
Been a Son by Manic Street Preachers
Smells like Teen Spirit by Patti Smith


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15 Responses

  1. CD

    Absolutely stellar mix.

    If you haven’t heard them before, i also recommend:

    –Willie Nelson, Smells Like Teen Spirit (really just him messing up the lyrics and repeating the chorus, but still)

    –Animal Collective, Polly (creepy as hell)

    –Scala & Kolacny Brothers, Lithium and Smells Like Teen Spirit (the Spree version is money, but this is that choral group that did Creep for the Facebook movie)

    –Horse Feathers, Drain You (nice and mellow)

    –Sinead O’Connor, All Apologies (let’s be honest, the woman has a way with a cover)

    –Laura Love, Come As You Are (a bit countrified)

    –Z-Trip Remix of Lounge Act (Z-Trip plays down the instruments and keys in on Kurt’s vocals; pretty damn nice)

  2. Emma

    Wow! Awesome covers, thanks! I especially like Glasvegas’ cover of Come As You Are. They’re so talented, and I can’t wait for their new album Euphoric Heartbreak coming out on the 17th :)