“I hardly remember my dreams these days. Sometimes, if I am lucky and I wake up very late, I find a thin film of another time or another life. I try so desperately to capture this residue of a dream that it quickly fades. But the kind of dream I am referring to in this song is more like a sense of longing, a vision of a place where things are quiet, like floating in the ocean off of Hawaii. I find that very hard, feeling at peace, feeling that things are OK just as they are. In the past I always feared that calm would lead to laziness, but now I see it more as a strength, something I want to achieve. The album is very much about that … and about finding love. It’s a feel good album.”

Victoria Bergsman –

Taken By Trees is the new project of former Concretes singer Victoria Bergsman. “Dreams” is the gorgeous new blissful single from the album, Other Worlds, scheduled to be released in early fall on October 2, 2012 through Secretly Canadian Records.

Listen: Taken by Trees :: Dreams (Other Worlds, 2012)


Enjoy the ethereal video for “Dreams” created by Amanda Marsalis, and filmed in Hawaii on Oahu’s beautiful North Shore.

Photograph by Keyamo Onoge

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