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japanese pop-art phenomenon takashi murakami is best known for sharing his contemporary artistic style that he originally defined as “superflat“.  when his work was first discovered, people couldn’t really understand his design or what he was trying to do. for murakami, that didnt matter as his mission was to create an image of anime in a brand new, light and peaceful way.


today he now respectively collaborates with louis vutton designer marc jacobs on handbags and accessories, and just made a video and the cover art for kanye west‘s recent album graduation

everything i’m not
made me

everything i am

with andy warhol being one of his greatest inspirations, murakami embraces every edgy, daring and colorful element accessible to the public.  who he is and how he reaches his audience sees no line in fusion between commerce and art.  by running his own personal industry, kaikai kiki, out of large studio factories in brooklyn, ny and tokyo, japan, murakami mass-produces his work to upscale boutiques, complimentary galleries and museums, maintaining his controversial vision across the entire world. 

“i think when you are a creative person and you trust yr instincts, you do what you do.

you let it go and people are the judge of what works and what doesn’t.”

(marc jacobs about murakami’s success)

artwork by takashi murakami 

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  2. talbot yancy

    Murakami also collaborated with electronic music guru Nobukazu Takemura with cover art and the video for the awesome album and single “Sign”. Check out the vid … it’s my absolute fave …