Sunday Best (Week 5)

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Cloud Cult are a band that I am relatively new to, although they have been around for a great while, and have released many records. They are a really good band, and draw comparisons to The Flaming Lips and Beck, but somehow, over the years, haven’t gotten as much recognition as they deserve. The song I picked is from an older released entitled “Who Killed Puck?” The lyrics are just so brutally honest, it almost frightens me. “Who Killed Puck?” is a concept album, going through the central characters’ life, from birth until death. This band just makes their music interesting on so many planes. You should really check them out, and enjoy them.

Who Killed Puck?

It’s the feel of the water
As you’re breathing it in
Your food for the fish
So you will live again
It’s the weight in your lungs
When you were getting high
You’d spit it out
But you’d really like to see the other side
It’s the taste of her sweat
When she was pulling you in
Like the mouth full of ocean
That you’re drowning in
And your bones
Your brains
and your skin are not as much yours
As you thought they were

It’s the ringing in your ears
When you were feverish and sick
That’s the sound of the other side
So you better get used to it
It’s the things that you see out of the corner of your eye
Everyone will tell you that it’s nothing
Because they’ve all gone blind
It’s the feeling that you’re falling
When you first go to sleep
Like your souls trying to separate
But I can’t quite break free
And your bones
Your brains
and your skin are not as much yours
As you thought they were

You can’t come back again
Back again

It’s your life flashing before you
When you realize what you had
In retrospect it’s beautiful
But it’s too late to go back
It’s the light in the tunnel
Sucking you through
It’s the deep regret of
The things that you never got to do
It’s your last breath
Your last life
The end of the show
It’s the spark in your eye
When you finally let go
And your bones
Your brains
and your skin are not as much yours
As you thought they were

You can’t come back again
Back again
Please don’t let me go under again
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The first time that I heard onelinedrawing, I was a senior in High School. Aeroplanes was the song that I heard. I always associate this song with my senior year. This song made me feel so free when it came out. I was really, really happy anyway, because I was a huge fan of Far and onelinedrawing was the brainchild of Jonah Matranga, the lead singer of Far. This song is so beautiful, and so carefree. I often let all of the windows down in my car and ride at sunset listening to this song. I’ve been out of High School for seven years now, but hearing this song, I am still taken aback.


I remember the time with you on the station
We were dancing on tile
It was cold, I was barefoot
It was her TV show, it was our celebration
It’s criminal to let these things go by
There was light coming in, like windows on aeroplanes
It was church afternoon, we were ready for something
We are morning for good, we are laughing at evening
Slowing down
It’s criminal to let these things go by
My friends will all be famous
This world cannot contain us
We’ll be first time going out
and going out again
What a relief…
We’re all okay…

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