Based in London, SBTRKT is underground producer Aaron Jerome, who creates intriguing electronic techno music mixed with synth pads, dubstep rhythms and soulful sounds. Always known to perform live behind a mask, it was a secret of what his name and who his identity really was until yesterday. Although he has collaborated and remixed with big time artists like M.I.A., Mark Ronson, and Underworld, behind the initials of his moniker stands the word subtract, an idea that resembles the way SBTRKT wishes to be seen as a musical form from others — completely separate and different from the norm.


Never Never

Something Goes Right

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“One glimpse is all it takes to tell you that Music Is Art is something special. You can start by judging this blog by its cover—it’s one of the best-designed, most aesthetically aware music blogs around—but there’s much more to it than just a pretty template. For one, Danielle, the “dreamer/designer” behind MIA, focuses not only on excellent music, but on art, photography and writing and how they all intersect and inform the music. By sharing the sounds and sights that inspire her, she’s inspiring a growing number of readers on a daily basis. By documenting artists’ creative processes, she’s, in the process, creating a pretty substantial, always-evolving work of art herself.” - Nerd Litter

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