growing up, i spent a lot of my time innocently wandering the city of boston. there was a friend, claudio, who went to berklee school of music that i spent a few hours drinking wine, listening to music on opposite ends of his room in silence to every portishead album, together quietly showing the tiny details that made us love the sound. he’d always say to me “no one loves music like the way you do,” i’d laugh and happily tell him the same.

“i’m really coming from a hopelessly, terribly distrout background. and no one realizes it. it really bothers me very much. these people in my band don’t feel like i do every night laying up in bed, unable to sleep. and then we meet in rehearsals and it’s all supposedly togetherness. i want to implement in people a feeling that’s not always possible to be captured in music, and that’s exactly what i feel all the time. i don’t even think i make sense, but this is what i feel like. and it bothers the hell out of me. it’s this endless unsatisfaction.” — claudio —

the first time i heard goldfrapp was the last time i ever saw my friend again but i’ll never forget him. claudio told me he wanted to share something special and gave me their album felt mountain. i remember my expression, i couldn’t get over how beautiful it was, the music had such a haunting intensity that made me fall deep inside. when allison goldfrapp sang and the colorful orchestra surrounded her, it felt like a soundtrack to the greatest movie never made. there is no simpler way to describe goldfrapp’s fantasy land than to just listen and dream, its intoxicating and in my opinion, their very best.

they went searching for your body

they went looking but there’s nobody
who smells like you
who looks like you
yr not human
listen to: human, horse tears, pilot


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4 Responses

  1. iRobata

    awesome awesome post! first time i hear goldfrapp. You coulnd’t describe it better. Human is such an amazing song – it covers so many emotions.

  2. Jonathan Migneault

    I just discovered your blog through The Hype Machine and I must say I like what I see. To have a unique voice in an already crowded field is no easy feat. Music Is Art has succesfully filled a void that I didn’t even know existed.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Moka

    hello! Firsts around musicisart. Lovely music selections, the past playlist ” i’d like to express myself the best that i can” made me remember many good moments.
    I’m linking to musicisart immediatly, thanks for leading me to your blog through the comments it’s a good find.