Science Fiction/Double Feature
at a deadly pace
it came from outer space
and this is how the message ran..

original: rocky horror picture show
cover: mefirst & gimme gimmes
cover: the dresden dolls

every halloween it seems quite fitting to find the cult classic rocky horror picture show gracing your cable station repeatedly during the countdown towards the haunted holiday.  by blending science fiction into sexuality, bewilderment was the kind of word to use when the rocky horror picture show musical world of flamboyant and transsexual fantasies truly came to their provocative reality.

back in 1973, richard o’brien wrote the british storyline and shared the rocky horror picture show as a theatrical broadway experience.  however, after a few years of fast success, a movie executive finally purchased the screenplay and created it into the 1975 famous movie that marked the introduction of then new-coming actors tim curry, susan sarandon, meatloaf and barry bostwick.

Time Warp
with a bit of a mind flip
you’re into the time slip
and nothing can ever be the same
you’re spaced out on sensation
like you’re under sedation
let’s do the time warp again!

original: rocky horror picture show
cover: string cheese incident
cover: life organization
cover: damian

although its important to see the movie and gain an idea of what the crazy mayhem is all about, the most ideal situation to understand the rocky horror picture show in all its glory is to actually attend one of its local theatrical showings as there’s nothing quite like it. based in mostly every city, fans come out at midnight decorated in full cast apparel of drag, lingerie, fishnets, red lipstick, maid costumes and every type of disguise to resemble their favorite characters from the film.

known not to be made for the faint of heart or those with shy reservations,  attendees are expected to dress provocatively, scream obscenities and throw things at people.  according to many venues who share this exhilarating and interactive experience, there is a whole list of props and etiquette to be brought to each excursion.  in some places not all theatres are alike and rules are different for each showing, but nonetheless, the anticipating audience, even the rocky horror picture show virgins, truly all seem to know how to participate and enjoy.

Touch Me
ive tasted blood & i want more
i wanna be dirty
thrill me, chill me, fulfill me
creature of the night

original: rocky horror picture show
cover: belinda sinclair
cover: apple-pie band
cover: paul pecorino

images & music: thankyou to rockymusic

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25 Responses

  1. AndrewC

    Thanks for these. The only Rocky Horror viynl I have is the picture disk. I don’t want to put it on the turn table.

  2. Anne

    Going out on a friday night in fetish undergarments and feather boa to live out the greatest transsexual fantasy ever created. It was a culture that lasted generations. And we were alive, rockin’, and havin’ a ball! Thank you, for this.

  3. Ample Sanity

    […] created. It was a culture that lasted generations. And we were alive, rockin’, and havin’ a ball! Rocky Horror Picture Show. What parent never wondered what would become of his child? What parent never worried about the […]

  4. Paul

    Thanks for including Touch Me on your site. Brings back nice memories of not dreaming it but BEING it.

  5. Heina

    Thank you for this awesome post. I am absolutely in love with RHPS and this is a great way to experience its covers.

  6. sofie

    i love this film it is like the best film but it feels like i m the only one i sweden how likes it:P i cant understand why people don’t like this film:P big love

  7. ludovica ruffo

    voilà,ecco la provocazione ed esagerazione del rocky horror picture show i scissor sisters vagamente provengono da questo filone;questo musical e ispirato a david bowie in quel periodo la creatura di frank n furter è somigliante a lui inoltre ci sono canzoni simili a ehi there delila di plain white e laura dei scissor sisters anche intermission sempre dei scissor visione è consigliata agli amanti del pop e del rock:rocky horror picture show nn è glamour ne elegante neanche sensuale ma sessuale all’insegna del sesso e della musica mi garba perkè arriva direttamente dal pianeta bisesso e ci sono canzoni in falsetto.una sola parola:let’s do it time warp again!

  8. Kristyn

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon this post… I’m a huge Rocky Horror fan. I have all of the soundtracks, and highly recommend them … There’s the Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show, Rocky Horror Show Original Roxy London Cast, original soundtrack from the movie, and even an International soundtrack! Touch-a Touch-a en espanol is hilaarrriouss!!! Here’s a piece of tattoo flash I did to celebrate RHPS…