on october 4, 2008, after the jump and the musebox will be presenting our very own canadian showcase in celebration of pop montreal’s seventh anniversary.

l i s t e n

the ark :: dr dog
rat bastard :: invasions
on earth :: the disraelis
body of years :: mother mother
what we wanted :: black diamond bay
carousel :: the mark inside
trash can :: delta spirit

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  1. Ample Sanity

    […] Dress” can be seen in three webisodes at SparkleBoom. MP3s: Back to The Country. Airforce One. The Ark. I Should Have Been Watching You. Games: The Hobbit. Pro Killer Man. Old Castle 3. Indie Games […]

  2. musicisart

    aww paul newman’s death makes me sad. not only was he such a fine actor but he really was a genuine GOOD person, so respectful and charitable to those in need.

  3. maddie

    hm about 5 minutes ago, i got on and i saw this comment. Then i went and got a bowl of mini wheats. i sat on my bed and then i was thinking of all the work i have to do today, thinking of this comment at the same time when i decided i should write my essay on paul newman. it has to be someone from tv or something, but i dont watch much tv. its weird cause he would have been one of my first choices but i could never get my brain to think. soooo…..thank you :]

  4. Pubounusuyavw

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