One-Liners (Part Deux!!!!)

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Well after a delay of life for awhile, I have managed to sit down and put together another great collection of one-liners. Photographs by Sam Handel, who is married to actress, Lauren Ambrose of Six Feet Under fame.

OursDeath In The City (live)
[You didn’t know, I only wanted to see you stop suffering.]

Ben KwellerPenny On The Train Track
[I see all the things that I should be.]

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Elliott SmithTrue Love (live)
[I kept right with it man, like a ghost to the house it once haunted]

Modest MouseLives
[It’s hard to remember that we’re alive for the last time.]

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The Flaming LipsSunship Balloons
[I don’t care, cos we’re gonna find a way to fly to the sun.]

For SquirrelsMighty K.C.
[Things are gonna change in our favor.]

Jenny LewisSomebody Else’s Clothes (live)
[Just fucking love me, i’m tired of leaving.]

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Jeff BuckleyCurtains (live) (Elton John Cover)
[He was my song, my joy and sorrow.]

Snow PatrolMahogany
[Maybe if I could see exactly what was in your way I’d move it for you.]

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Photos once again by Sam Handel

Created by Charlie

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6 Responses

  1. music is art

    those lyrics to *lives*
    are so important.

    everyones afraid of their own life
    if you could be anything you want
    i bet you’d be disappointed,
    am i right?

    no one really knows
    the ones they love
    if you knew everything
    they thought
    i bet that you’d wish
    that they’d just shut up

    my mom’s god is a woman
    and my mom she is a witch
    i like this
    my hell comes from inside,
    comes from inside myself
    why fight this …

  2. vjb2

    I was so disappointed when I found out Lauren Ambrose is married. Because, you know, I stood a chance, sure.

    (Actually, it’s more that she bears a strong resemblance to an ex-gf.)

  3. thehealingroom

    6 Feet Under, beautiful photos and words……… for me.
    Thanks musicisart.