lisa germano :: of love & colors
[from geek the girl 1994]people.
all us fucked-up people
can’t we see beyond the pain
of losing one another?

i had this dream
of trust and beauty
and all the while.. it seemed real
and in this dream.. we were not fighting

couldn’t it be?

you gave it up, you lost your reason
you never saw you are unique
you spread your wings and cut ’em off

.you’re only hurting.

all our fucked-up smiles
we quit dreaming long ago
and our
and our
and our
to kill each other
makes all the sense in the world

you just fucked up
for a moment.

you’re only hurting
that’s just like me
you’re only hurting
that’s just like me
you’re only hurting
that’s just like me

i had this dream of love and colors.

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3 Responses

  1. Starra

    hi. my name is starra and i just found your blog through motel de moka. and i was reading about what you said regarding the microphones and i just loved reading that, knowing that there are more people like us who feel so ardently about phil elvrum’s muysic. i think the glow part two is my favorite song and album it is just so amazing.