…oh my dreams, come back to me…

Montreal’s Purity Ring is the impressive collaboration of 21-year-old instrumentalist Corin Roddickhad, and 24-year-old haunting vocalist Megan James. With electro-pop beats and transfixing melodies, their debut album Shrines provides a subtle reason why they should be known as a bold contender for best LP of the year. Purity Ring provides a true darkness in their music depicted like a horror scene, where the lyrics speak of holes drilled in eyelids and fractured skulls, while sung in the childish whisper of an electronic fairytale.


Purity Ring :: Obedear (Shrines, 2012)

Artwork by Robin Eley
(Robin Eley was born in London, studied in California, and now lives with his wife in Australia. His work are oil paintings, not photographs,  mindblowing and hypnotic in every single way.)

“My paintings are essays of observation, born from a relentless examination of my mileu. Rather than shout, my paintings speak softly. Their messages, both personal and profound, audible only to those who make the effort to listen. By documenting time, I attempt to slow its quickening pace; such that for the briefest of moments there is just the viewer, my painting and the space between.” – Robin Eley

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