I admit I’ve been missing out on Console‘s charm until only very recently. Based in Weilheim/Munich, they formed in the late nineteen-nineties. Led by TheNotwist‘s lead programmer, Martin Gretschmann, Console maintains a distinct sound that only at times borrows from The Notwist sound. Suck and Run has a beat that just keeps me going, while My Dog Eats Beats is closer to an experiment in electonica than an actual developed song. If yr a fan of anything Morr definately check these guys out.

“Too many people, and actually too many German musicians, take themselves too seriously. I just try not to be like this. I try to be more funny. When we play live, we have a lot of fun on stage, because life is much easier if you laugh a lot,” says Gretschmann in a 2001 interview.Watching Console‘s videos are adequate proof.
Watch the video of My Dog Eats Beats here or visit their myspace here.

Do enjoy:

Suck and Run

My Dog Eats Beats

Your God Eats Me

The Times They Are Not A-Changing

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  1. stimmenimitator

    There will be a new Console album out on August 25th. It will go by the name of “Mono”. It will be more ambient-style than the electro-poppy “Reset the Preset”. Sounds good to me!