father john misty is a spiritual experience. although the name feels religious, the actual soul of joshua tillman’s project is found underneath layers of pure gold. deep within the energy of performing live and the echos of restless lyrics that make you forget your name, father john misty proves to have no fear and no regrets.

as the drummer of fleet foxes from 2008-2012, joshua tillman isolated from his true dreams of songwriting and became depressed with his own life. one day he decided to leave everything behind in order to find himself again. leaving his seattle home to live in his van for two months on a nowhere road that eventually led to the swirling hills of laurel canyon, california, where he was finally able to discover the way he always wanted to write and understand his own voice. songs created during this time, all lead to father john misty’s debut fear fun, released on may 1, 2012.

someones gotta help me dig

someones gotta help me dig

l i s t e n :
father john misty – hollywood forever cemetery sings

(from the album, fear fun 2012)

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