at 18 years old, fiona apple released her first album tidal and became known as one of the most unique approaches to the familiar transparent music scene. hidden behind the abstract obscurity of being proud as a woman, the feelings of assertiveness, anger, sadness and the ability to be unafraid to speak her mind truly fueled the growth of her challenged and forever-changing success.

back in 1997, at the last minute my friend and i decided to see if there were any tickets available to fiona apple’s boston show. with extra luck, we arrived to the orpheum theater in a timely fashion and sat high above inside the second balcony. when fiona appeared on stage, it was a true musical affair. whether she was playing her piano, maintaining chemistry between the band, chaotically dancing inbetween and nervously screaming out to the crowd, she was one of the most intense, engaging experiences to share in.

fiona apple // live in boston
orpheum theater 8.11.1997

the child is gonesullen girl

sleep to dreamthe first taste

sitting in limboslow like honey

shadowboxerpale september


never is a promise use me [bill withers]angel [jimi hendrix]

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9 Responses

  1. Clare

    Thanks very much for that. I’ve never heard my fave album tracks Sullen Girl’ and ‘Pale September’ live.

  2. k

    Thank you for this great show. It brings back memories of the first fiona show i saw back in 97 in Sunrise, Florida.

  3. Squashed

    I just relisten fional apples extraordinary machine CD. I think she is ok, but definitely not worth all the hype.

    Her first CD is better.

  4. indie mom

    I’ve never seen her live…these tracks are amazing. Thanks for sharing!