the new jersey/portland label italians do it better have certainly taken over the blogosphere in particular with their represented artists glass candy and the chromatics

producer johnny jewel is the master behind both projects and has created his own unmistakable combination of soft downtempo, colorful disco pop and retro synth mixed within influences of italo and the sensuality of female vocals.

new demos are kindly being shared upon each band’s personal myspace.  these tracks below are some of my favorites.

glass candy
covered in bugs
rolling down the hills
[from the album :: beatbox tour, 2007]


the chromatics
running up that hill
(kate bush cover)

[from the album :: night drive, 2007]

thankyou to ajp for the wonderful recommendation.
artwork by italians do it better

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12 Responses

  1. Moka

    I love Chromatics. They also have a pretty good “I’m on fire” cover laying around on their myspace for download. IV had some minor flaws but I’m really excited to hear what they’ll do next year, I have a good feeling about it.

  2. musicisart

    i absolutely love the artwork chosen for these artists… its very fitting. im definitely looking forward to whats in store… it can only get even better from here :)

  3. felix sf

    I’ve been listening to Glass Candy and the Chromatics for over a month now. I have to hear “Rolling Down the Hills” everymorning. I thought they sounded similar, then I read they have the same producer – of course! Thanks for the “Covered in Bugs” download, did not have it yet. can’t wait to hear it.

  4. Cole

    Glass Candy is where it’s at. Don’t get me wrong, all the groups off the After Dark CD are pretty kick-ass, but Glass Candy just has the right sound for right now. If you like Chromatics and all the IV has to offer, you must check out Glass Candy’s B/E/A/T/B/O/X album. – Look out ED Banger, there is a new label on the rise and they go by the name of Italians Do It Better. – Peace

  5. mpe

    I adore this label and artists. Mirage is the king of dissonant disco!

  6. Charlotte Keatfield

    This kind of music is so erotic…
    i love this kind of sounds.