been around the world
in many situations
been inside many heads
in different positions

’cause you simply deserve the best
and i don’t blame you

“The time when I wrote these songs, I thought I was going to die. I thought I was going to go to hell. I thought I was going to be taken from my house into the spiritual world. Like, maybe some people might call that mental insanity, but I thought that I was going to die. I thought some pretty insane shit that I’ve never thought before, I thought I was in a dream, I couldn’t tell what was reality, and the songs like came from a distance from myself. Like, I had to just ‘shut off’, just play and sing, and the songs came. From my subconscious, I guess. It was like, y’know, ‘my darkest night’, and I won in the end. I won, you know. You know what I mean?”

live ~ peel sessions

feb 12 2003 // maida vale studio + london

namesfunny thing

evolutioni don’t blame you

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  1. Meliss and Steph

    I love her too, ever since seeing the perferormance at the ACL Festival in Austin, Texas last year. I can’t get enough. Thank you for posting!