Jenny Wilson

no love ain’t just another four letter word, never! let me put it like this: let me tell you… you feel it in your chest and in your arms, you feel it in your legs and in your heart

She’s Swedish, she’s friends with The Knife and she makes damn good music. She won Best Pop Female Act at the Swedish Grammis this year, and most people haven’t heard of her. Her music’s slightly awkwardly placed between fun electropop and meaningful, poignant songs, but it works. She wrote, produced and performed everything on her album, Love & Youth (Rabid Records) and it’s an absolutely great pop record. It’s sensitive and it’s real in the way that anything you truly like and want to believe in should be.

About The Author

“One glimpse is all it takes to tell you that Music Is Art is something special. You can start by judging this blog by its cover—it’s one of the best-designed, most aesthetically aware music blogs around—but there’s much more to it than just a pretty template. For one, Danielle, the “dreamer/designer” behind MIA, focuses not only on excellent music, but on art, photography and writing and how they all intersect and inform the music. By sharing the sounds and sights that inspire her, she’s inspiring a growing number of readers on a daily basis. By documenting artists’ creative processes, she’s, in the process, creating a pretty substantial, always-evolving work of art herself.” - Nerd Litter

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2 Responses

  1. Mark

    neat songs. different, which is very good.

    by the way, this website is beautiful… in words and in design.

    i happily linked you.

  2. Hell

    First time I’ve seen your blog but I have been mesmerize by its beauty. I like the 2 songs I have downloaded so far. Your post piqued my curiosity and I went to check out other songs on MySpace but none of them appealed to me as much as the ones you posted here. Thanks. :]