for all you’ve done,
for all you’ve taught me,
for all you teach me still…

.my mother & i.
a small collection of her favorites.

white rabbit : jefferson airplane [surrealistic pillow 1967]
time of the season : zombies [odessey and oracle 1968]
paradise : sade [stronger than pride 1988]
in your eyes : peter gabriel [so 1990]
the wind : cat stevens [teaser & the firecat 1971]
baby can i hold you : tracy chapman [tracy chapman 1988]
in my room : beach boys [surfer girl 1963]
rhiannon : fleetwood mac [fleetwood mac 1975]
your song : elton john [elton john 1970]
california dreaming : mamas and papas [gold 1967]
how can you mend a broken heart : bee gees [trafalgar 1971]
when the stars go blue : the corrs [live in dublin 2002]


image. winter 1982. the day she took me home from the hospital.

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14 Responses

  1. My Best Enemy

    Music is a great way to celebrate your Mom. Songs trigger an emotional response and if you catch them at the right time de ja vu. Thanks for sharing this as it proves the apple does not fall far from the tree! My Mom is a bit older but she did love Momma Cass–so at least she would be happy with California Dreaming. My daughter can’t get to day care without hearing Lazy Line Painter Jane by Belle & Sebastian–she is only 4! Although she also likes Tool. Once again another great post–thank you.

  2. mjrc

    what a lovely post and picture! your mom is beautiful. i still think about how you took her to see antony . . . : )

  3. angeles

    Your mother is so beautiful, very sweet from you to make a list of her favorites.

  4. Princess Haiku

    What a lovely tribute to your mother. Your blog is visually stunning; one of the most beautiful I have visited. I am definitely linking and coming back. Classical music plays a large role in my own life although I appreciate other kinds.

  5. colin

    Awww, that is so nice! And a lovely selection of tunes as well. The photograph is a real treasure.x

  6. Rosigerante (Rose)

    Gosh… ! I’m not feeling very sensible today. Well, in a better way I’d say I WASNT feeling sensible (like tears about to fall) until I got here again (which I do love). Anyway, your words have this huge power over me.

  7. Ravel

    Wonderful, happy pic (almost artistic) of you and yr Mom. She looks happy…
    My own Mom is a great friend to me; hope she is too for you.
    Thanks for this pic and her great tastes in music…
    Ravel, Montreal, Quebec

  8. jollymoon

    No ordinary love indeed !! and Paradise is but a moment away. . .

    Can her Songs trigger memories?

    Sade Still ROCKS

    Just got to give kudos to the most wonderful singer in the world. More music please…any news on a new album?