recently, i asked
marissa nadler
about a song, moment and what it meant to her

this is how she responded.

the last time i saw richard

the last song off of joni mitchell‘s blue, has the most crushingly sad lyrics i have ever heard. i remember how after i had first experienced what it was like for life to be that devastating after the loss of love, this song really resonated with me.

when she says, “richard got married to a figure skater and he bought her a dishwasher and a coffee percolator” it communicates how tragic it is when great loves leave/settle for mediocrity, or maybe life just becomes mediocre. that song truly has been a soundtrack to a lot of the most poignant parts of my life.

[marissa nadler grew up in massachusetts and was recently named as one of boston globe’s 25 most stylish icons. she remains true to her own vision with shades reminiscent of stevie nicks while wearing handmade victorian laced gothic dresses and sharing such soft, soprano vocals that cascade like echoes of wind-chimes on a warm summer day.

marissa has created three albums, blending delicate arrangements of mythological instruments that provide the atmospheric sounds of a surreal dream. listen to: diamond heart from the 2007 album songs iii: bird on the water]

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3 Responses

  1. musicisart

    thankyou martin. this is one of my favorites of joni mitchell too, there’s so much emotion to it… marissa nadler explained it perfectly.

  2. marie

    i love marissa’s music… it is so wonderful. thanks for sharing this, danielle!