if i was to ever consolidate my music taste, there would be no word to describe how much i love. its hard to give in to something new but for the past few months i have been addicted to the sounds of 3 special bands. each shares something particular that strikes me with the feeling of music surrounded inside the design of all those lil extra sounds. after listening to these songs over and over again, the ways how simplicity still brings out abstractions that i never recognized before makes me smile.
it is highly recommended that you listen to this music loud with a pair of headphones.

worm is green are a reflection of the way you dream iceland to be; abstract contrasts, constant surprises, purple sunsets, shifting landscapes, quiet wide-open countrysides. from the label thule musik who first brought the world mum, their music can best be described as beautiful melodies sprinkled with ethereal vocals and intricate electronica constructions that create tranquil spaces where you may lose yrself.

listen to: robot view, sunday session, electron john

please hear every single amazing worm is green demo here.
then stare at their friend bjossilu’s art. each of his paintings represents an interpretation of their music. i love the idea, enjoy the colors.


i want to take yr voice and drink it
i know how i want it to go, i know how i want it to be
don’t make me think before i speak or make me hold my horses

“..we like making songs with little noises poking out..”

in a world of creativity and inspirations.. psapp are a non-stop motivating electrical force coming through the airwaves. on june 6th, galia durant and carim clasmann release their new album the only thing i ever wanted. full of summer electro-pop familiarity mixed within cool breezes of gorgeous and colorful picturesque arrangements, psapp brings to mind the feelings of being blissfully happy and painfully aware all at the same time. be sure to catch them live when they grace yr city with jose gonzalez.

listen to:
wet box


strangely beautiful.

from germany, micha archer of the notwist, 13 & God, lali puna and stefanie bohm of couch present ms. john soda.
during the past few years, they have released 3 spellbinding albums perfecting the ability to translate movement into sound. through luscious soft vocals over body-engaging bass lines, perfect reverbrating beats and calming hypnotic strings, you can’t help but get lost in the warmth of it all.

listen to: go check, a million times, unsleeping

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“One glimpse is all it takes to tell you that Music Is Art is something special. You can start by judging this blog by its cover—it’s one of the best-designed, most aesthetically aware music blogs around—but there’s much more to it than just a pretty template. For one, Danielle, the “dreamer/designer” behind MIA, focuses not only on excellent music, but on art, photography and writing and how they all intersect and inform the music. By sharing the sounds and sights that inspire her, she’s inspiring a growing number of readers on a daily basis. By documenting artists’ creative processes, she’s, in the process, creating a pretty substantial, always-evolving work of art herself.” - Nerd Litter

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3 Responses

  1. scott

    I knew it. The minute I caught a glance at your site. Fuck. Music is so suspenseful, delicate, torturing and honest. And Boston, always the people I grew up
    surrounded by are the ones that amaze me. Great music, incredible site and thanks for the hard work…it is appreciated.

  2. EastVanBran

    who sings the song with the lyrics you posted:

    “i know how i want it to go, i know how i want it to be
    don’t make me think before i speak or make me hold my horses”

    I caught part of the tune but did not get the artist. :(