in thanks to all the very special and scary emails of requests and marriage proposals for sufjan stevens‘ b-sides and rarities…

please enjoy some of my favorites~

[from the asthmatic kitty compilation :: to spirit back the mews 2001]

[from eye of the beholder :: vol. 1 compilation 2001]

[from the dress looks nice on you :: 7″ vinyl single]

  • borderline …it feels like i’m going to lose my mind…

[from the 8.21 a blue bunny compilation 2000]

[from seen/unseen compilation 2001]

[from metaphysics for beginners 2004]

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11 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    thank you so much for these! it’s funny because I was just thinking how great it would be if someone posted the sufjan rarities I had been looking for…

  2. Matt

    Thank you for posting these. I have never heard a song by him but your recommendations are usually spot on. Oh and thanks again for the MS. Listened to it the other day, wonderful.

  3. Anonymous

    how about “How Can A Stone Remain?”, “Far Physician’s Son”, and the michigan outtakes?

  4. skotta

    I have been on a Sufjan Stevens frenzy lately, or after I saw him live, so these are amazingly appreciated.

  5. music is art

    oh my, yr all very welcome. these songs are very special :) i edited, added how can the stone’s remain… enjoy!

  6. Anonymous

    i *will* enjoy these, thanks sooo much. i’m sure they’ll be my new favorites.

  7. Anonymous

    i *will* enjoy these, thanks sooo much. i’m sure they’ll be my new favorites.