In the past few weeks, Music Is Art has shared PJ Harvey, and Interpol as two fall essentials to listen to during the autumn season. Portishead is simply another. Their albums Dummy, Portishead II, Live at Roseland, and Third, as well as singer Beth Gibbon’s solo album Out of Season should all be enjoyed right now. Each song of theirs all blends together into becoming a reminiscent memory of what October looks like: golden fallen leaves, strong wind and stormy days, pumpkins on old porches, romantic ivory candlelight, and a surreal haunted spell preparing for Halloween on it’s way. There’s a creepiness in the air… and it’s the best, most magical time of year.


Portishead – Cowboys (Portishead, Portishead 1997)

Portishead – Revenge of the Number (Numb Remix)

Art by NC Winners

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