toronto based crystal castles consists of vocalist alice glass and multi-instrumentalist ethan kath. together they share an electrifying intensity that can only be described best by the sounds of their atari 5000 sound chip. however, the name crystal castles is not taken from the video game but instead is referred to an old she-ra (masters of the universe) commercial and a moment where alice remembers a childhood memory of her cousin receiving a she-ra crystal castle and understanding that excited reaction, innoncent feeling about a gift.

back in 2005, crystal castles’ track alice practice was considered as just an accident, a recording used in the background during practice and cleverly placed onto myspace. a few months later, these demos floated around the internet and ethan was secretly asked to create remixes for special artists like bloc party, the liars, the goodbooks and klaxons. on march 31, 2008, crystal castles presents their anticipated full-length self-titled debut album, sharing many of their songs from over these years. known for their live performances in pitch black darkness and making the whole room collapse, their scheduled performances currently on tour with the band, health are sure not to be missed.

alice practice (one of those songs discovered while my ipod was on shuffle. for some reason, mixed within the stillness of just the beats and her screaming… it felt beyond invigorating.)

crimewave (crystal castles vs health)

atlantis (crystal castles remix) by klaxons

artwork by rachel j wong

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9 Responses

  1. c4

    seriously you have the most gorgeous artwork in this blog its ridiculous! are the artists friends of yours or what?

  2. musicisart

    thankyou so much c4. some of the artists are friends of mine but some i have found just through random searching of the internet. its always such a nice surprise to stumble upon someone’s work that blows me away… im glad to share it :)