I believe that melancholy has a feeling of static forbearance.
My work is characterized by sorrow and searching.

I always say that I’m looking for a connection with something good, like hope. And I’m becoming more and more aware that joy and sorrow are part of the same. This points back to The Cripple & the Starfish, which screams of joy for something redeeming/cathartic.

I often think of trees or something else that grows.
I think trees are in pain when they grow. It hurts to grow and it hurts to live, but the miracle is that it is still beautiful – and there is reason for great joy.

[.antony’s norwegian interview.]

a few months ago i was able to experience antony live and ever since then, ive been thinking of his unbelievable performance with the brooklyn philharmonic orchestra, covering beyonce’s crazy in love. 

luckily over the weekend, antony and the johnsons played dalhalla sweden and to my surprise shared this very special rendition.  without any lack of hesitation, antony perfectly turns a mainstream pop song into pure emotional darkness.

crazy in love
[live, dalhalla sweden, june 2, 2007]

.watch the video.

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