joseph arthur is one of my very favorite musicians. not only does his creativity blow me away but he always seems to leave me in my very own humble world. there were times with friends where we would drive from boston to new hampshire and back, just to listen to the entire cd big city secrets. silently singing all the lyrics, we knew the words, the feelings connected to the ways we each understood one other and for those moments, it meant everything.
when i was 17, i wanted nothing else but to be let into the lizard’s lounge in cambridge, ma to see a 21+ live show of joseph arthur. the magic of the internet somehow found my ways to his management and for one night, i was their merch girl. there was so much i knew about his music and artwork, that i loved recommending and sharing every detail i knew to help support him. they bought me drinks and joseph introduced me to the audience, designating an area perfectly right in front of the stage called *danielle’s world*.

surrounded by my good friends, it was my first time experiencing the power of joseph live. to be in such a dark intimate venue, i was in awe to be watching someone perform colored in such beautiful sadness. alone on stage, he made magic behind sunglasses, circling his acoustic guitar and emotional vocals upon a loop pedal. it was amazing to watch the ways he shared sound variations through constant technology and to hear the silences inbetween when he’d take it all away, stripping everything to its raw bare essentials. everyone knew that we were witnessing something beyond special, you could feel his penetrating words flow straight to your heart, it was moving and painful and spectacular and i loved every lil bit of it.
i remember before i left,
the conversation i had with joseph went a lil something like this:

me: thankyou so much

joseph: thankyou

me: do you realize how incredible you are?

joseph: do you?

go to the late greats for rare cuts from joseph arthur on kexp.

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7 Responses

  1. charlie

    Yeah I think he is a really ingenious guy.

    My favorite song of his is “A Smile That Explodes”

  2. spirit-genocide

    great story…thanks for sharing (the audio too). for me he’s part of my musical holy trinity incl. jeff buckley and nirvana…

  3. happening

    that is SO WEIRD. just as i read this entry i have a joseph arthur song playing.

  4. Meagan

    Once again, thank you. I have been a fan of his for a number of years now.

    I’m always happy to see him get the attention he deserves. I mean, when Michael Stipe can’t stop singing your praises – you must be doing something right.

    And is. So. Great.

  5. Kevin

    Thanks for ripping this show. Was outbidded for this on Ebay many a times over the years. Saw Joseph solo a few years back. This man REALLY knows how to use the loop pedal and has been doing it for many years. Plus his hand painted guitars are a thing of absolute beauty.