New single from one of my favorite artists of this year, SOHN. His electronic musical approach is like visually watching a story unfold. SOHN simply spellbinds with the way his soothing voice and transcending lyrics collide into pulsating beats, and warm arpeggiated synths. SOHN has only released a few beautiful songs of his own, and with each new taste only makes us wish for a full debut album. Enjoy.

this time i do things differently
this time i keep away from you


Artwork by Taisuke Mohri

“Taisuke Mohri is a master of detailed pencilwork, and he combines his ability for photorealism with a surrealist flair to create incredibly haunting, masterful images. Mohri overlays his pencil drawings with a pane of cracked class, calling them ‘material cracks. Read more here: http://j.mp/1dYRdXN

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