Interview with Music Is Art.

recently, i was kindly asked by a MIA reader to partake in a personal study interview for their research project based on the idea of music and art, and how the two influence each other. although, im no scientist to the physical definition of what makes music art; all i truly know is in my heart and how much it means to me.



Tell me a little bit about Music is Art and why you started this site? musicisart is my own personal reflection of the way i feel music, art and words. growing up, i always immersed myself in a pair of headphones and loved to write. my favorite thing to do was make lil journals full of lyrics and quotes adorning the pages with special pictures and glitter, feathers, sequins, jewels… anything that i could use to decorate. the pieces that i shared, whether they were my words or a favorite musician, they became apart of me and it felt important to turn that into a meaningful cartharsis. now years later, it feels nice to have a medium to begin to give back to what its given me.

What makes you choose a specific artist or band to post onto your site? something really has to strike me. for music, i always listen for the lyrics first. if there’s an emotion received from the words and melody, i am immediately sold. of course, all those different instruments of epic guitar riffs, penetrating bass lines, tribal drums and extra tiny details matter just as much. and for visual artists, its almost the same way, there needs to be a direct feeling, it needs to touch me.

You’re obviously a lover of both music and illustration, why do you feel the two are so intrinsically linked? im very much into the mixture of collaging visual images with bright audio. the two mixed together feels like a religious experience. you can take different emotions from it and leave with an outcome of being connected. i believe there should always be a soundtrack to everything in this world, it seems natural.


Images and music can be very powerful, why do you think that these forms of art are able to so greatly affect ones emotions? i believe theres something in the creative aspect of art in general that effects the heart tremendously without even the slightest word. hidden deep within all of us lies a dream that triggers to these foundations. whether you wish you were an artist or are one, there’s a part that can immediately connect to an inspiration found within something likeable. the music or visual aspect may represent apart of your life that remains silent and most of the time with having such an incredible way of reaction, it may lead to a necessary release of the past or a coming of a change for the future.

Tell me about a specific illustration and the type of music you hear in your head when you see it. often, i think of the picture “ophelia” by john everett millais, of the way her body so gently lies in the river. you can believe that she’s lifeless but i like to think that she’s daydreaming surrounded by beautiful flowers, the calmness of water, that feeling of peacefulness… it immediately brings to mind delicate songs that have apart of nature in them, and make me feel like im just floating on by.

Do you feel that this kind of relationship between the art and the music can ever be a hindrance to either or both? sometimes i get scared by incredible cover art, amazing work always leads to high expectations. to most this is probably not a hindrance.. however, if i was to create an album cover, it needs to maintain a certain aspect that shares a feeling from the music inside the artwork. absolutely every detail has to be right and may really make me or someone who understands disappointed if what was projected in the overall look and feel of a project, didn’t represent everything that i am.


Do you feel that it is the artwork that defines the music, or is it the music that influences the art? in a sense, music and art both play the influential part of sensually defining one another and still remain in tact, keeping their own private roles. however, when they actually join together and blend into one entity; like magic, it just works.

How has music and art inspired you throughout your life? i’d be dead without it. there would be nothing to live for. no person, no city, no reason has ever made me feel the passion of what music and art does. its strange to say, but music and art are something i can trace in different patterns throughout my entire body. its a visual stimulation that shines bright lights throughout my eyes and remains deep inside my mind. within my own private world, its almost like living in a movie. no matter where i am, i can feel see hear it, its always there.

You seem very well adept at expressing your emotions in words; tell me why YOU are so in love with music and art? whenever ive been lost, wherever ive ran away to and no matter how many friends ive loved, it always comes back to the loyalty of music. i am so in love with music and art because… it makes me feel safe, it makes me feel like im home.