a change is gonna come

It’s been a long time coming,
but tonight, because of what we did on this date
in this election at this defining moment
change has come to America.


A Change Is Gonna Come was written and first recorded in the early sixties by R&B sensation, Sam Cooke. Originally Cooke had heard Bob Dylan‘s Blowin In the Wind and was so emotionally moved that he felt compelled to create a response. Although, A Change Is Gonna Come wasn’t released until after Cooke’s death in 1964, it became a theme that exemplified the sixties’ Civil Rights Movement. Now nearly 35 years later with the inauguration of our new President Obama, the song still speaks an honest message that showcases how people keep striving for the inevitability of change.

Image:: Vogue Magazine

3 Responses

  1. Christopher Paul

    Sam Cooke: Very appropriate song. The song feels like a tragedy has just happened but he’s looking to the future in hopes of times better.

  2. Dan

    Yes, MIA, yes yes yes. Never knew about Dylan’s influence on this – thanks for that!

    O. also opened his election night acceptance speech with “It’s been a long time comin’ ” – an overt reference to civil rights struggle and more, I’m guessing.